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Mommy Lauren

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Looking for Mommy Phone Sex are you? Well, look no further! I am Mommy Lauren, and a very naughty mommy I am indeed. But then, you already know, don't you? Why, I have seen you spying on me in the bath and peeking through the crack of my bedroom door with your hard cock pulled out jerking off.
Sweetie, would you hand mommy that towel on the floor, please? Oh, hurry up and come in would you, I see you standing right outside the door! No need to hide out there jerking off, when you can do it right here in front of me -- I want to watch *wink*.
You seem surprised that I am not mad, is that true? Well, I can be mad, but I do not think you would like it. When I get mad, naughty boys like you get punished. I am not talking about a slap on the wrist either or simply sending you to your room. If I send you to a room for misbehaving, it will be MY room, and I will be coming with you! You will take off all your clothes, then get on the floor on your hands and knees so I can teach you a lesson you soon won't forget. Do you get where I am going with this? Lol, if not, you soon will... we will see who is boss in this house!
Whatever your phone sex fantasy, no matter how taboo, Mommy Lauren is here to fulfill it!

Mommy Lauren is waiting for your call!

1-888-298-9007 EXT# 206

Call Lauren: 1-800-810-3693 (Hours: 10am - 5pm PST Mon-Fri)